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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is an appendix to the Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the 'Rules') and regulates the terms of confidentiality between the Company and the Client when using the Application. All terms and conditions defined in the Rules apply and have the same meaning in this Privacy Policy. By using the Application, the Client agrees to this Privacy Policy. If you need to download software to work with the Application, it can be automatically updated on the Customer's mobile device when the next version of the Application is released or a new function is implemented. In some cases, it is allowed to set the automatic update parameters.


Each Client can use the Application without providing their name or any personal information and personal data, so all Clients using the Application can remain anonymous until they decide to authorize in the Application. In order to improve the comfort of the Clients when using the Application, when installing the Application on a mobile device, the Clients may be asked for data, which may include full name, phone number, location (city, address) and other information. Information about the Client's activity in the Application is also stored using the Company's servers. In addition, the Company collects and stores data in the form of information about the Services provided, as well as information about them. The composition of personal information and personal data may include certain information that the Clients do not provide directly, as the Company logs information related to the procedure for accessing the Application. Notwithstanding the above, the Company has the right to collect the following information:
• information about the Client's mobile device (model, version of the operating system, unique identifiers of the device, as well as data about the mobile network and phone number);
• log data that contains information about the use of the Application or the viewing of content provided through the Application (including, but not limited to, details about the use of the Application, including search queries, data about phone calls, including phone numbers for incoming, outgoing and forwarded calls, date , time, type and duration of calls, as well as SMS routing information, IP addresses, hardware event data, including system errors and actions, as well as settings, browser type and language, date and time of request and URL transition);
• location data (including GPS data sent by a mobile device, data from various technologies for determining coordinates).
Personal information and personal data of Customers may be used by the Company for administrative purposes, for example, for internal investigations of violations of the Rules and this Privacy Policy. Direct access to the Client's personal information and personal data is available only to authorized employees of the Company who are engaged in maintenance of the Application. They are obliged to keep personal data strictly confidential and prevent access to them by third parties and unauthorized persons. Each Client of the Application has the right to view, edit and delete personal information and personal data in his account.


The Company does not sell, rent, or share Clients' personal information with third parties, except for the Company's business partners. However, the Company may use email addresses to send App updates or news. At the same time, the Client can refuse to receive such messages at any time. Information related to the order of access to the Application can be used by the Company to diagnose the functioning of the Application, as well as to ensure high quality of service to the Clients. In addition, personal information and personal data may be used to analyze the behavior of Customers in the Application, to evaluate the interest shown in various sections of the Application. The Company reserves the right to share personal information and personal data of the Clients with the founders and managers of the Company, as well as with all branches, representative offices and other companies related to the Company, but undertakes to demand from everyone who will have access to this information, compliance terms of this Privacy Policy.
Publicly available data of the Client's account in the Application, as well as information about the actions that the Client performs in the Application, may be used by the Company for commercial purposes, including advertising campaigns. The client independently determines which information is publicly available.


In the Appendix, measures are taken to ensure the security and protection of personal information and personal data of Clients against their loss, abuse, unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification or destruction. The company draws attention to the fact that none of the existing methods of data transmission can be completely secure. Therefore, despite all security measures, the Company cannot guarantee 100% preservation of information and data. The Company is not responsible for the illegal actions of third parties, hackers, abusers and other offenders who may violate the terms of this Privacy Policy and try to acquire all or part of the personal information and personal data of the Clients, as well as use it for personal purposes. While working with the Application, the Client is not granted intellectual property rights to either the Application itself (except for the license specified in the Rules) or to the content related to it. The specified content of the Application can be used by the Client only if he has obtained the permission of its owner or if such an opportunity is provided by law. This Privacy Policy does not grant the Clients the right to use any distinctive elements of the Application. The Customer must not remove, hide or modify the legal notices displayed in the Application. Certain features of the Application allow Customers to upload, add, store, send or receive content. At the same time, all intellectual property rights to such materials remain with their owner. The Application's systems automatically analyze the Client's content in order to provide useful information for the Client. In addition, such analysis helps detect spam and malware. It is performed when sending, receiving and storing information.


The Company reserves the right to update, edit and amend this Privacy Policy without further notice to the Clients. The date of entry into force of changes is the date of publication on the Site or on the web page of the Application on the sites and the App Store of the updated version of the Privacy Policy.


In cases where, in the Client's opinion, the terms of this Privacy Policy regarding personal information and personal data have been violated, or if there are issues related to confidentiality, it is necessary to use the feedback function and send the Company a corresponding request indicated on the Site or in the web- page of the Appendix. The company checks all reports of alleged violations of rights and, guided by the current legislation of Ukraine, terminates the activity of accounts whose owners systematically violate the law. The company provides copyright owners with all the information they need to control the use of their intellectual property on the Internet.


All information posted in the Appendix is ​​protected by copyright law. Copying to electronic media, duplication, use on third-party resources, translation into other languages, recording in an archive for the purpose of commercial use is prohibited without the express written permission of the Company. All rights of publication and reproduction belong exclusively to the Company.
Account data can be deleted in the Taxi Everest application by pressing exit, activating the delete check box, or requesting deletion by the contacts indicated below.Contacts: website:, email: moc.liamg%40kuhchsimiilativ, phone: 0979082031.